These feet belong to a 3 yo horse who has never been shod and has developed healthy foot shape.

Front Feet

smrublfaft.jpg         smhealthyrfsole.jpg 

  L                                                                         R

The front feet are round and symmetrical following the natural shape of the coffin bone.

Hind Feet

     3smlhaftrub.jpg        2smrhsolerub.jpg

   L                                                                      R

These  feet exhibit the spade shape characteristic of healthy hind feet. The pointed toes allow the foot to dig into the ground and push off. This allows the horse to have good traction and propulsion.

The naturally assymetrical shape of the hind feet is apparent in these photos. It is clear without labeling which is the right foot and which is the left, with the lateral side being more curved and the medial side straigher. This geometry carries through to the bars as well.