Heel Bulb Abscess


 abs1.jpg Sole Abscess – between frog & bar on left

above two photos courtesy Amy Dickson, Kamloops BC




While it was ‘active’, this abscess created a pocket of fluid that impinged on the blood vessels in the solar corium, bruising it (visible as the pink edge around the outer edge of the abscess). 








  Another Heel Bulb Abscess

















 White Line & Bar Abscess at Heel

This abscess has caused a break right through the bar where it meets the wall of the heel. When abscesses of the white line are present, laminitis may have occurred or be occurring and should be investigated.

photo courtesy Kate Christie, NJ

Abscess Caused by Pressure from Overlaid Bar

right-fore-solar-befmu.jpg     right-fore-solar-aftsm.jpg

Before                     After

In the before picture, red arrows denote the location of the edge of overlaid bar. On the right side of the foot in the after picture, the red arrows show the edge of the sole; to the inside and closer to the frog is where the abscess is. The sole will gradually grow down and cover this area.

 Thanks to all who contributed their photos to this post. Any other contributions of abscess photos gladly accepted.